Stand Up for peaceful alternatives to war

Stand Up for peaceful alternatives to war

When it comes to the politics of US foreign policy, it's shoot first, ask questions later. Too many politicians are quick to support war, and quicker to dismiss alternatives, often with disastrous results. We urgently need regular Americans to Stand Up for peaceful alternatives to war. Click here to learn more.

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The Peace Education Fund’s mission is to bring peace and justice education to the widest possible audience and to organize the greatest possible public voice and participation on three priority areas:

  • The abolition of nuclear weapons
  • Terminating U.S. weapons sales to human rights abusing governments
  • Strengthening international cooperation

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Diplomacy with Iran

Photo Credit: CC-BY-NC-SA mohammadali - about Iran's nuclear program have often overshadowed the need for a new approach to the overall US-Iran relationship. For the United States, the goal of diplomacy should go beyond convincing the Iranians to forgo nuclear weapons, and should address our common security concerns.

Congress and President Obama must make Iran a top priority, and quickly set the right tone for getting US-Iran relations on the right track. Learn more


New approaches to Afghanistan and ending terrorism

Photo Credit: CC BY-NC papyrist - troop levels in Afghanistan would be a continuation of the deeply misguided strategy that failed under President Bush.

In order to make the world safer from terrorism, the US needs to fundamentally redefine the problem, and invest its resources in a comprehensive new counterterrorism strategy based on a diversity of tactics with a concrete history of success. Learn more


Towards a nuclear weapons free world

campaign nuclear weapons free world The Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World is a new consortium of more than 100 organizations promoting practical steps today to free the world from nuclear weapons tomorrow.

With bipartisan support for nuclear disarmament growing and the Obama administration slated complete the Nuclear Posture Review, which will set nuclear weapons policy for the next decade, we have a real window of opportunity to make change.

Sign on to a letter to President Obama as part of an effort to influence the Nuclear Posture Review